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Naresh Surya Classic is an independent BODYBUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP aiming to revive the dying bodybuilding industry in India. With our beginnings in a humble high school gym, Naresh Surya Classic has risen to be India’s No. 1 championship.

We believe that bodybuilding is not just a mere sport, but an art form that we strive to nurture.All the hours of hard work invested in practice can finally come to light at a professional level.

We welcome all bodybuilders and hefty personalities to win titles by displaying their bodies in power-packed positions before our renowned judges this year. Individuals from any corner of India can walk-in to show their muscularity.

Receive the honors by claiming prestigious titles in an array of 10 Body-building categories including Men’s Physique, Male Fitness Model, Men’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic Bodybuilding, Women’s physique, Women’s bikini, Junior bodybuilding, Master’s bodybuilding, Physically disabled

Naresh Surya Classic not just for Bodybuilding it also hosts competitions like kickboxing, arm wrestling, power lifts, and strength lifting amongst others. It’s the perfect opportunity for the Athletes. Make a difference by showcasing what you have at Naresh Surya Classic.

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